Solar charged external 2400mAh extended battery case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S
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Solar charged external 2400mAh extended battery case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S
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Solar charging external battery case for Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S. Adds up to 130% extra run time of the phone. Can be charged in less than 5 hours from sunlight!

iPhoneExtra6 battery is an MFi approved ultra thin, lightweight external battery available for the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S.

  • Using a slimline lithium polymer battery built into a ruggedised ultra thin casing that fits perfectly around the Apple iPhone 6/6S whilst barely increasing dimensions
  • The cover also folds into a stand so making hands free use for watching image & video content.
  • Bult in flip out solar panel than can charge the battery with up to 500mA (depending on sunlight conditions). Charging from flat to full in as little as 5 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Built in LED solar charge current indicator & also 4 x LED state of charge indicator.
  • The weight added by the battery and bumper to the phone is only slightly more than a third of the phone's weight.
  • This battery rated at 2400mAh. This is 130% more than than the 1810mAh battery inside the iPhone 6 therefore offering up to 130% additional run time onto the phone when used in conjunction with the phone's internal battery
  • The battery case is features a good grip matt black ruggedised backing.
  • The external battery pack is always used by the phone first instead of the internal battery. This will markedly extend the service life of the phone's internal battery as the internal battery is only ever used when the external battery runs out of charge.
  • If the phone's internal battery needs charging the iPhoneExtra6 will also charge the phone battery whilst also powering the phone.
  • Mates via the built in MFi licensed Lightning connector to the phone and comes complete with micro USB to USB charge and sync cable so users can still sync to computers without removing the iPhoneExtra6.
  • Both the internal iPhone battery & the external battery are charged from the charge lead so the phone does not have to be removed from the external battery to charge the internal battery.
  • World Voltage AC-USB charger and 12/24V DC car charger also available as optional extras for use with either the supplied Micro USB cable or the phone's original USB charging cable.
  • Input 5V 1000mA, Output 5V 1000mA

This product is MFi (Made for iPhone) approved.