Ultra-thin Ultra-light external battery for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. Product is MFi certified CPB-iPhoneExtra5(B)
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Ultra-thin Ultra-light external battery for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. Product is MFi certified CPB-iPhoneExtra5(B)
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    CPB-iPhoneExtra5(B) Ultra-thin Ultra-light external battery for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. Product is MFi certified

    Application: iPhone 5 external battery
    • Chemistry: Lithium Ion Polymer
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Nominal Capacity: 2400mAh
    • Width: 62.3mm
    • Height: 16.6mm
    • Length: 137mm
    • Weight: 80g
    Suitable For:
    Apple iPhone 5, Apple A1428, Apple A1429, Apple A1442, Apple A1453, Apple A1456, Apple A1457, Apple A1507, Apple A1528, Apple A1529, Apple A1530, Apple A1532, Apple A1533, Apple iPhone 5C, Apple iPhone 5S, Apple MD634LL/A, Apple MD635LL/A, Apple MD636LL/A, Apple MD637LL/A, Apple MD644LL/A, Apple MD645LL/A, Apple MD654LL/A, Apple MD655LL/A, Apple MD656LL/A, Apple MD657LL/A, Apple MD658LL/A, Apple MD659LL/A, Apple MD660LL/A, Apple MD661LL/A, Apple MD664LL/A, Apple MD665LL/A, Apple MD667LL/A, Apple MD668LL/A, Apple ME305LL/A, Apple ME306LL/A, Apple ME307LL/A, Apple ME308LL/A, Apple ME309LL/A, Apple ME310LL/A, Apple ME311LL/A, Apple ME312LL/A, Apple ME313LL/A, Apple ME323LL/A, Apple ME324LL/A, Apple ME326LL/A, Apple ME327LL/A, AppleME328LL/A, Apple ME329LL/A, Apple ME330LL/A, Apple ME331LL/A, Apple ME341LL/A, Apple ME342LL/A, Apple ME343LL/A, Apple ME344LL/A, Apple ME345LL/A, Apple ME346LL/A, Apple ME347LL/A, Apple ME348LL/A, Apple ME349LL/A, Apple ME350LL/A, Apple ME351LL/A, Apple ME352LL/A, Apple ME353LL/A, Apple ME354LL/A, Apple ME355LL/A, Apple ME356LL/A, Apple ME357LL/A, Apple ME358LL/A, Apple ME432B/A, Apple ME433B/A, Apple ME434B/A, Apple ME435B/A, Apple ME436B/A, Apple ME437B/A, Apple ME438B/A, Apple ME439B/A, Apple ME440B/A, Apple ME450CH/A, Apple ME451CH/A, Apple ME452CH/A, Apple ME453CH/A, Apple ME454CH/A, Apple ME455CH/A, Apple ME456CH/A, Apple ME457CH/A, Apple ME458CH/A, Apple ME493LL/A, Apple ME494LL/A, Apple ME495LL/A, Apple ME496LL/A, Apple ME497LL/A, Apple ME499B/A, Apple ME500B/A, Apple ME501B/A, Apple ME502B/A, Apple ME503B/A, Apple ME505LL/A, Apple ME506LL/A, Apple ME507LL/A, Apple ME508LL/A, Apple ME509LL/A, Apple ME529LL/A, Apple ME530LL/A, Apple ME531LL/A, Apple ME532LL/A, Apple ME533LL/A, Apple ME553LL/A, Apple ME554LL/A, Apple ME555LL/A, Apple ME556LL/A, Apple ME557LL/A, Apple ME565LL/A, Apple ME566LL/A, Apple ME567LL/A, Apple ME568LL/A, Apple ME569LL/A, Apple ME679CH/A, Apple ME680CH/A

    Comments: External battery compatible with Apple iPhone 5 & iPhone 5S. More than doubles the run time of the phone! iPhoneExtra5 battery is an MFi approved ultra thin, lightweight external battery available for the iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S.

    • Using a slimline lithium polymer battery built into a ultra thin casing that fits perfectly around the Apple iPhone 5/5S whilst barely increasing dimensions (adding a mere 12mm to the height, 4mm to the width including the protective bumper and only 6mm to the thickness).
    • Features a built-in pull out stand.
    • The weight added by the battery and bumper& to the phone is only slightly more than a third of the phone is weight.
    • This battery rated at 2400mAh. This is 170% more than than the 1400mAh battery inside the iPhone 5 therefore offering at least double the run time of the phone when used in conjunction with the phone internal battery
    • The battery casing has a black and charcoal exterior and is supplied with a protective bumper.
    • The external battery pack is always used by the phone first instead of the internal battery. This will markedly extend the service life of the phone & internal battery as the internal battery is only ever used when the external battery runs out of charge.
    • If the phone & internal battery needs charging the iPhoneExtra5 will also charge the phone battery whilst also powering the phone.
    • Comes complete with micro USB to USB charge and sync cable so users can still sync to computers without removing the iPhoneExtra5.
    • Both the internal iPhone battery the external battery are charged from the charge lead so the phone does not have to be removed from the external battery to charge the internal battery.
    • Input 5V 1000mA, Output 5V 1000mA