Samsung Galaxy S 5 Battery
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Samsung Galaxy S 5 Battery
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  • Description
  • Specifications

  • Application: Cellular Telephone
    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
    • Voltage: 3.85V
    • Nominal Capacity: 2800mAh
    • Dimensions: 42.2 mm x 5.3 mm x 84.7 mm
    Suitable For:
    Samsung Galaxy S V, Galaxy S5
Samsung GT-i9600
Samsung GT-i9602
Samsung GT-i9700
Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-G900
Samsung SM-G9006V
Samsung SM-G9008V
Samsung SM-G9009D
Samsung SM-G900A
Samsung SM-G900F
Samsung SM-G900H
Samsung SM-G900M
Samsung SM-G900P
Samsung SM-G900R4
Samsung SM-G900S
Samsung SM-G900T
Samsung SM-G900V
Samsung SM-G9105
Samsung SM-G910K
Samsung SM-G910L
Samsung SM-G910S
Samsung SPH-G900
Samsung i9600
Samsung i9602
Samsung i9700