Redarc Charge Equaliser 25A Maximum
Redarc Charge Equaliser 25A Maximum
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Redarc is proud to announce that we have updated and consolidated the CE range of Charge Equalisers utilising the award winning hardware from the current BCDC range.
The new style CE25 (25A maximum output) and CE40S2 (40A maximum output) offer improved functionality and reduced installation complexity over the previous Charge Equaliser systems with the increased reliability of the BCDC product platform.

The units are now also smaller in size & more ef?cient.

The Charge Equaliser operates in a two battery 24V DC system.


The Output Voltage of the Charge Equaliser is regulated to half the Input Voltage. 12V power is available from the lower battery in a 24V system via the centre tap (bridging link).
The Charge Equaliser ensures state of charge is equal across the upper and lower 12V batteries in a 24V bank.
Features automatic input isolation negating the need for an input relay or isolator


  • Designed to keep your 24 volt batteries equally charged
  • Reduce down time and running costs by extending battery life
  • Peak load currents are limited only by the battery
  • Based on the award winning BCDC Platform
  • Sealed and suited for commercial applications
  • Designed for Australia's Harsh Conditions


  • Supply Range : 20-32VDC
  • O/P Current Rating : 6-16A
  • Recommended Input : 40A
  • Recommended output : 40A
  • Operating Temp : -10C to +50C
  • Dimensions : 150 x 120 x 37mm
  • Weight : 700g