Power Tool Battery for Hilti
Power Tool Battery for Hilti
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  • Width : 91.5mm
  • Height : 70mm
  • Length : 137.2mm
  • Weight : 752g

This battery pack features high power lithium ion cells for excellent performance.

Suitable for :

Hilti AG 125-A22, HDE 500-A22, SCM 22-A, SCW 22-A, SD 5000-A22, SF 22-A, SFH 22-A, SID 22-A, SIW 22-A, SIW 22T-A TE 2-A22, TE 4-A22, WSR 22-A

Compatible with :

Hilti B22/1.6, B22/2.6, B22/3.3