Projecta AC1500 Battery Charger Automatic
Projecta AC1500 Battery Charger Automatic
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Projecta AC1500 Automatic Battery Charger

Projecta AC1500 Battery Charger 12V 15A 10000mA

A high output charger for larger batteries. Ideal for dual battery systems, caravans, agricu tural and commercial vehicles. Automatic in operation it can be turned on and simply forgotten about until the vehicle's next use.

Additional features:

Charge N' Maintain - Automatic Charging

Automatically stops charging when the battery is full. You can leave the charger connected to the battery without the risk of overcharging.

Charge N' Maintain - Automatic Maintenance

Once the battery is full, the charger automatically starts to maintain the battery. The charger monitors the battery voltage and continues to top up the battery, keeping it fully charged and ready for use.

Thermal Overload/Polarity Protection

Prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental reverse connection or short circuit, increasing safety.

Toroidal Transformer

Using the latest technology in transformer design, toroidal transformers don't use a solid iron core, (like traditional transformers) making them lighter and more compact. They deliver more power than a traditional transformer charger of the same size.

Battery Charge times:
Automotive 12V Battery size: 450-1000CCA Charge time: 6-15 hours
Marine 12V Battery size: 600-1200MCA Charge time: 8-18 hours
Deep Cycle 12V Battery size: 65-150Ah Charge time: 8-18 hours