Peak Power Pack 12.8V 30Ah
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Peak Power Pack 12.8V 30Ah
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A Li-ion battery pack with intrinsically safe LiFePO4 cells, a built-in charger and outstanding peak output power performance.



Low weight and easy to install
Ideally suited for mobile applications
Thoroughly protected against misuse
Excellent performance in solar and other applications where frequent deep discharge and insufficient recharge would quickly damage lead-acid batteries
Output 1: high current output for caravan movers and other high power applications
  • Caravan mover application: automatic shutdown of the high power output 30 minutes after enabling
  • Other applications: the high power output can be switched to 'always on' mode
  • Short circuit proof
  • With battery over discharge protection
Output 2: auxiliary output for low power DC loads (not available on 8Ah model)
  • Always on
  • Short circuit proof
  • With battery over discharge protection
Input 1: multi-purpose vehicle battery /solar charger input
Voltage and current regulated to safely charge the Li-ion battery. Virtually any source of electric power can be connected to this input, as long as 11V < Vin < 20V
Input 2: second input to connect a power supply
A 3A power supply is included (connects to 100/240 VAC mains)
Fast charging possible through input 1 (high current output)
A battery charger, inverter/charger, solar charge controller or alternator can be connected to the high power output for fast charging. Maximum charge current 40A and maximum charge voltage 14.4V.
Storage mode
Reduces battery current drain to virtually zero. Prevents damage due to battery over discharge during long term storage.
Remote on/off and status indication
Connects to a.o. a push button (included) with bi-colour LED status indication
Push button:
  • Press shortly: high power output on during 30 m, LED red
  • Press during 2 s: high power output permanently on, LED red, slow flash
  • Press during 5 s: storage mode, LED blue, flashes 10 times
  • Battery charged through input 1, LED blue, slow flash
  • Battery fully charged, LED blue, solid
  • Over load or over temperature, LED red, flash
VE.Direct port: connects to a computer or a smart phone
(VE.Direct to USB cable resp. VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle needed)
  • Output 1: on / 30 minute timer / off
  • Output 2: on/off
  • Input 1: on/off
  • Battery voltage
  • Temperature and alarms