80Wh Solar Kit including Panel, Battery, Regulator, Mounts and Cable
80Wh Solar Kit including Panel, Battery, Regulator, Mounts and Cable
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This kit will contains everything you nedded to provide a minimum of 80Wh of usable energy all year round.*

The 40W Mono panel will charge your battery whenever there is sunight on your roof, and the high quality victron charge controller will get the most out of the panel while preventing the battery from being overcharged. 

The 22Ah maintenance free battery will store the energy generated by the soalr panel and allow for 80Wh (6Ah) daily power usage. This will leave the battery at a healthy "Depth of Discharge (DOD)" of 70%, the 40W solar panel will have ample capacity to replenish this, even in the winter months.

The included solar panel mounting system make it easy to fix you panel any tin roof (Tile kits are also available). 

The included cables make hookup a breeze, no worrying about voltage drop, we've done it all for you!


* This figure is based on a minimum of 2 "Peak Sun Hours" each day in the winter months, with 0 of autonomy.

The 2 PSH value is relevant for Victoria, Australia. Further south the winter sunlight will be less and you will have less minimum available power each day. Further north you will get more. The solar panel bust be orientated and angled correctly with no shade.

0 Days of autonomy means that if you have a day with no solar input, and you have used your allowance of power, you will have to wait for another day with sunlight for the batteries to come up to charge.