6SB5P Drypower 6V 5Ah SLA Battery
6SB5P Drypower 6V 5Ah SLA Battery
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6SB5P Drypower 6V 5Ah SLA Battery

This battery is popular in many battery operated childrens toys, hobby-projects and test equipment. Easy to replace in most units just remove the existing battery and slip in the new one. The battery comes fully charged and in most applications (alarms, toys etc) there is a charger built into the system to keep it charged up. However for other applications we do also sell a suitable charger which will not overcharge the battery (a common problem when people use car or bike chargers and leave the battery on charge too long!)


BP4-6, BP4.5-6, BP5-6, PS640, GP645, DM6-4, DM6-4.2, DM6-4.5, DMU6-5, CF-6V4.5, HGL4.5-6, FG10451, HGL4-6, HGL5-6, CB6V4.5AH, CBC6V6AH, NP4-6, LP6-4.0, LP6-4.0H, LP6-4.5, LP6-5.4, LP6-6.0, LPC6-5.6, WP4.5-6, LC-R064R5P, PB6/4.5, PS-640, PSH-655FR, PE6V4.5, RM6-4.5, RT645, RT650, RT655, CP645, CP656, NP4-6


See datasheet for full details.