Trojan 27TMX
Trojan 27TMX
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Trojan 27-TMX 12V 105Amp-hour Deep Cycle Battery - Flat rate Delivery

The Trojan 27-TMX Deep Cycle battery is a 12V 105Ah Amp Hour Deep Cycle Deep Cycle battery is designed to be used as portable power for Leisure applications such as RV's and Marine use. Made in the USA, Trojan are a byword for reliability and long life. Trojan are Made in the USA and well known and trusted in Australia for Motorhomes, Industrial, Leisure and Marine applications.

The Trojan 27TMX comes with a 12 month nationwide replacement warranty. Specifications for this battery are listed below.


Capacity minutes:

  • @25 Amps: 175
  • @75 Amps: 45 

Amp Hours:

  • 5 Hour rate = 85
  • 20 Hour rate = 105