Pure Energy 240W Folding Solar Panel with Regulator

Pure Energy 240W Folding Solar Panel with Regulator


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Pure Energy Solar Blankets are light-weight, compact and tough! Built with high output mono-crystalline solar panels, laminated onto a canvas backing and double stiched with an integrated carry case, they can be folded out into a full size solar setup.

You can hang the Pure Energy Solar Blanket over your windshield, on your four wheel drive roof, or use them free-standing. You can also use the tethering points on each side to secure the panel to your windscreen, tarp or anywhere else you choose.

The panel is design to fold up into an integrated protective carry case. The built in solar regulator features a USB output that can charge your phone without a battery connected. 

Pure Energy Blankets come with a 4.7m lead equiped with Anderson style plugs, and an Anderson to Aligator-clips adaptor.

To use the panel, simply unpack the regulator and connect it to the battery with the included Anderson plugs and/or battery clips provided. Then plug the other Anderson plug on the regulator into the plug on the solar panel. The regulator will start charging the battery and you are ready to go! Fully adjustable for most battery types, the regulator steps down the voltage from the solar panels to the right level for charging the battery. See the link to the instructions below.


  • Unfolded : 1540mm wide, 1090mm tall and 10mm thick.
  • Folded : 390mm wide, 360mm wide and 20mm thick

See full datasheet.

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