Pure Energy 12V 105Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Pure Energy 12V 105Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery


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105Ah (110Ah @C20) Deep Cycle AGM Battery

With Deep Cycle Batteries the quality really matters. Plate design, Seperator materials, the overall purity of the Lead, case construction, grade of electrolyte, terminal materials & more. All these things have to be right to get long cycle life and stability in challenging applications.

With the widest selection of Batteries in Australia, we only stock batteries that have been proven to be tough and reliable in Australian conditions over many years.

For Deep Cycle AGM batteries the brands we  most often recommend are

  • Pure Energy
  • FullRiver
  • Lifeline and Deka
  • Optima.

(Century & Ritar AGM’s are also generally acceptable).

Every year we are approached by manufacturers of cheap, low weight & low cycle life sealed batteries. They look identical to the good ones, but on test they perform very poorly. We see lots of vendors selling them and getting good ratings for their delivery service, but they are likely to be a waste of money and will be discarded & replaced fairly quickly once in-service.

This Pure Energy battery is an exceptional choice for powering camping fridges, lights and accessories in caravans, motorhomes, camper-trailers.

This is a fully sealed Deep Cycle Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) 12Volt battery. It can be used on its side or under seats or beds in caravans as it will never leak or give off gasses while charging (unlike regular wet lead-acid batteries).

Call our battery experts in one of the Stores if you need any advice, or feel free to drop in and collect your order if you prefer.

These are guaranteed fresh stock, and they are fully charged and ready to go.

  • Maintenance Free – no need to top up with water
  • Fully Sealed – can be stored and used on its side – no gassing
  • Suitable for deep cycle use – can be used with DC fridges, campers, lights and solar setups
  • Excellent Cycle Life
  • Rated Capacity (20 Hr Rate)  110 Ah
  • Total Height  228mm
  • Height  208mm
  • Length  307mm
  • Width  169mm
  • Weight Approx 28.0 Kg


Capacity 25°C (77°F)

  • 20 Hour Rate (5.5 Ah)  110.0 Ah
  • 10 Hour Rate (10.5 Ah)  105.0 Ah

Self-Discharge @ 25°C (77°F)

  • Capacity after 3 Months  91 %
  • Capacity after 6 Months  82 %
  • Capacity after 12 Months  64 %

Charge Voltage (Initial Current less than 27.0Amps)

  • Voltage Bulk Charge 14.5
  • Absorbtion Charge 14.7 V
  • Float Voltage 13.6 – 13.8 V


We can provide car battery fitting and we offer home delivery, or you can choose Store Pickup when you enter your address details.  If you wish to collect from a Store in a different State then please contact us or add a note to your order form.

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