BMPRO BatteryCharge4 12V 4 AMP Battery Charger

BMPRO BatteryCharge4 12V 4 AMP Battery Charger


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WHY THE BMPRO BATTERYCHARGE 4? Perfect for Car Batteries!


Great choice to service your car, caravan, bike, boat or spare 6-12v batteries from 1.2 to 120 Amp hour! For charging 12-24v up to 240 Amp hour (or 12v 80Amp Lithium, please see the BatteryCharge7.5.


The charger is easy to use and perfect to recharge completely flat batteries and maintain them for your next venture! With large clamps for easy battery charging or ring terminals for a fitted connection (great for maintaining!) the BatteryCharge4 features protective circuits to prevent sparking and overheating. Cold start mode is available for charging in cold weather conditions and a large LCD display to show the charge progress of your battery for peace of mind.


The BatteryCharge4 (BC4) is an automatic battery charger with eight charge states. The BatteryCharge4 is suitable for the charging and maintenance of compatible 6V and 12V Lead Acid Batteries (AGM, Gel, Calcium, Wet) as well as LiFePO4 Lithium batteries:


  • 6 V: with a capacity of 12 – 120 Ah
  • 12 V: with a capacity of 1.2 – 12 Ah
  • 12 V: with a capacity of 12 – 120 Ah
  • Lithium (12.8V LiFePO4): with a capacity of 8 – 50 Ah 


The BatteryCharge4 increases your battery’s life and gives high-performance, intelligent charging. Equipped with short-circuit and overload protection the BatteryCharge4 also has a large LCD display panel to let you know the charging progress of your battery. The BatteryCharge4 may also be used to regenerate completely discharged batteries. The battery charger has protective circuits to prevent it from sparking and overheating.




  • Input voltage: 220 – 240 V ~ 50 Hz 0.6A
  • Power consumption: 65 W
  • Reverse current: < 10 mA (no AC input) Reverse current is the current used by the charging station battery, when no mains current is connected.
  • Nominal output voltage: 6 V DC / 12 V DC / 12.8V DC
  • Nominal output current: 0.9 A / 4.0 A / 3.0A
  • Charging voltage: 7.3 V / 7.4V for 6V battery, 14.5 V / 14.7V for 12V batteries and 14.5V for Lithium (12.8V 4-cells LiFePO4).
  • Charging current: 0.9 A ± 10 %, 4.0 A ± 10 %, 3.0 A ± 10 %
  • Battery type: 6V/12V lead-acid battery 1.2Ah – 120Ah
  • Lithium (12.8V 4-cells LiFePO4): With a capacity of 8 – 50Ah
  • Housing protection type: IP 65 (dust-proof, water-proof)




Overheating protection 

If the BatteryCharge4 becomes overheated during charging, the power output is automatically reduced. This protects against damaging both your battery and the charger.


Trickle charging 

Once the battery has been fully charged, the BatteryCharge4 automatically changes to trickle charging. Depending on the measured voltage, the charging is interrupted or the battery is maintained in a fully charged condition with low voltage currents. 


Note: A battery can remain permanently connected to the charger without damage or adverse effect on its performance. The trickle charge can be used to maintain a battery.



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