Dick Smith Cordless Phone Batteries

Many homes with Landlines and Cordless Telephones will have had their batteries replaced over the years. A popular replacement to these were the Dick Smith Brand of Cordless Telephone Batteries. We have the widest array of household batteries available, and while many home phones are in need of their battery replacement, We've included the table below to help cross reference your old Dick Smith Battery Pack.

If you find your battery not in our list, You can contact us here and Our friendly Staff can help you out.

Dick Smith BatteryMatching BatteryDick Smith BatteryMatching Battery
S3461CTB73S0266, S7256CTB102
S3460, S7251CTB72S3458, S7252CTB69
S3228CTB07 / CTB81S3465, S7259CTB78
S3448, S3413,
S7253, S7257
CTB59S2464, S7258CTB79
Dick Smith Cross Reference Sheet