Car Battery Flat? Do you need a Jump-Start?

Can't get your vehicle started? Callout services often charge $50 - $80 for a jump-start, but if you live close to one of our Stores just drop in and borrow a Jumpstarter to get you running again in minutes.

Leave a deposit and as long as you return the unit in good condition then there is no charge for this service. Jump-starters are easy to use and are designed to clamp on to the terminals of your existing battery and provide enough power to get your car started. From there onwards your car alternator should provide all the power you need, and as long as you don't switch off the engine until you are back at our store you should be fine.

We can then test your battery and charging system and provide a condition report. Batteries that are fairly new may recover from being flattened (e.g lights left on), whereas older or weaker batteries are often damaged to the point of only lasting another week or two. A condition report will provide you with peace of mind and if you do need a new battery then we have the widest choice at the cheapest prices and can fit it for you & recycle your old battery if required.

jump pack