Game Console, iPod, MP3 Batteries

Games, iPod and Music Player batteries

"Every Battery" sells almost every type of battery and charger for Ipod's, music players (e.g. MP3/MP4), games consoles (PSP etc.).

Our batteries are high quality replacements for the original battery supplied with the device and are sourced from the largest Australian battery suppliers. If special tools are required to change the battery then these are provided for you with your replacement battery.

We will soon offer an option to order these batteries online. In the interim if you contact us then we would be happy to take your order and send it to you anywhere in Australia. We are available normal store opening hours as follows;

Monday - Friday 08.30am - 5.30pm ( 09.00am - 3.00pm on Saturday. Australian Eastern Time).


Phone: Melbourne (03) 9005 2020 (or Line 2/Fax (03) 9885 2505).