Finding out what type or model number your phone is:

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Finding the phone make is normally easy - the manufacturers name or logo is generally on the phone (e.g. Motorola, Nokia, Telstra (or ZTE), LG, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson etc.

Find the phone model / type as follows. If you have the original box or the manual it will tell you, or some phones tell you as they switch on or off what type or model number they are. Otherwise you need to look inside the phone behind the battery.

  1. On Motorola phones you are looking for something like "V3, V3x, V9" or similar.
  2. On Samsung its likely to be something like GT-I950T (Galaxy Nexus) or GT-I9210T.
  3. On Nokia its likely to be "2610" (or 6280, 3220, 3650, E65 or N90 or similar).
  4. On Telstra (or ZTE) Phones its likely to be F850 (or F152, F156 etc.).
  5. On LG phones its likely to be TU500 (or CU500, KU990, B2100 or similar).

There are normally a lot of numbers, symbols and barcodes as well. Ignore any IMEI numbers, code numbers or barcodes, CE numbers, "N" numbers (with a tick box and triangle), FCC and MSN codes.

Finding the battery type.

If you can't find your phone type or model number (which is the safest bet) then take a look at the battery. This should be simple but from experience we know that its often easier to search on the phone type as outlined above, as most phone batteries have lots of markings on them and thay are all very similar (they all say Lithium Ion or "Li-Ion", and they all say 3.6v or 3.7v).

Useful markings that you may be able to use to search on are as follows:

  1. Motorola: Look for BC50, L6, BR50 or similar and use that to search.
  2. Nokia: Look for BL-5B, BL-4U, BL-C2, BL-4C or similar
  3. Telstra (ZTE) will have a T or an F number normally (T6, T7, F156, F152 or similar).
  4. Remember you can use our search facility e.g. search the Nokia page for a Nokia phone model.

Armed with the battery number (or ideally the phone type) you should now be able to seach or browse through our listings to choose the right replacement battery for your phone. If you need further help then please contact us for advice.