Fault finding - Is the battery faulty or is it something else?

This section helps you to work out if the battery in your phone, camera or other similar device is faulty before you buy a new one. Many of our customers suspect that it may be the battery but are not sure. (For all other types of battery please contact us for advice). If you are having problems with your phone or similar device then there are 3 likely causes.

  1. Faulty (or end of life) battery.
  2. Faulty Charger.
  3. Faulty Phone or Camera.

1. Faulty battery (or end of life battery).

In our experience, if your phone is working OK but you need to keep recharging the battery, then the Battery is very likely to be the problem. If you are recharging every day when you used to get a few days between charges, and the battery is now going flat after a couple of calls then replacing the battery will almost certainly fix it.

Normal battery life is around 2 years for Li-Ion batteries if they are charged up regularly. Heavy use may shorten this time (to less than 1 year!), while light use (phone used for occasional calls) could extend it to over 4 years.

The quickest and cheapest way to be certain is to try a new battery. We offer a 30 day money back gaurantee to allow our customers to try this, all you will have to pay for is the postage if the new battery does not solve the problem. Please retain the packaging in case you want to send back the battery.

A battery can fail suddenly and completely, but most often as it gets older it will not hold as much charge as it did when new, or it will only hold charge for a shorter time period, needing recharging each day perhaps when you used to get a few days between charges.

A battery that has reached its end of life can also sometimes cause the phone to behave strangely, perhaps switching off when you don't want it to, or affecting the display screen. If the phone only works when plugged into the charger then this can be another indication that the battery is end of life - but even then a dead battery can cause problems.

2. Faulty Charger.

First run through the obvious checks. For example if there is a light on the charger does it come on when it should? Does the battery symbol on the device flash as it should when the charger is plugged in? If not then this can be an indication that the charger might be the problem. However the connection on the phone or the phone's internal charging circuitry could also be causing the problem, so its best to try out another charger to localise the fault (for example use an in-car charger or a friends charger if possible). If you don't have an in-car charger to use we can provide most types for $9.95 plus postage, just email or call the store.

3. Faulty Phone / Camera.

If you have ruled out the battery and the charger using the tips above, then the most likely cause of the problem is the device itself. The connector where the charger plugs in is a common source of failure and can work loose, or the internal charging circuitry may have failed.

Often if a phone gets wet it will cause strange behaviour, sometimes with the screen going blank or a strange colour. After drying the phone out for a day or two, if it still behaves weirdly (or doesn't work) then a new battery is unlikely to help. In this case you can still recycle the phone (including the battery & charger) at any "Planet Ark" recycling outlet (recycling).

However if it works on the charger after drying out then the battery may have been damaged by the exposure to moisture and it may be worth trying a replacement.