Deep Cycle Batteries - Other Makes.

We want your Deep Cycle Battery to give you years of good use - we don't stock batteries we don't believe in ourselves and we have probably the widest selection of 6V and 12V Deep Cycle Batteries in Australia.

Anyone can stick a "Deep Cycle" label on a battery, offer you a warranty and hope for the best. The real problem with buying a cheapie is that you probably won't find out if its any good or not until you are on a trip, and when it fails prematurely is the seller even going to be in business still?

We stock Trojan's flooded range but we can also order in the Trojan Gel or AGM batteries - normally overnight (if you don't want a Lifeline or a Gel-Tech). Full River are also now available in GEL as are Ritar.

Finally for Solar batteries we have a wide range including BAE and Surette, but tend to order them to customer requirements. We would be happy to give you a detailed quote on request.