Century "Marine-Pro" Dual Purpose Marine Batteries

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Century N70ZM

Century Marine Pro 720. Hard to beat and great value for money. A dual purpose battery for marine starting up to 350HP, plus 100Amp-Hour deep cycle capability to run your on-board accessories if required. Built to handle wave pounding and engine vibration. Full 24 month warranty.

Century NS70M Century Marine Pro 650. Recomended for boats with engines up to 115HP, with sufficient reserve to operate many basic electrics. Built to combat the effects of wave pounding and engine vibration. Full 24 month warranty.
Century D23RM Century Marine Pro 580. Ideal for smaller trailer boats with engines up to 45HP, with the capacity to operate simple electrics. Built to combat the effects of wave pounding and engine vibration. Full 24 month replacement warranty.

Marine Deep Cycle Battery Recommendations:

Flooded Lead Acid Marine Batteries:

If you want a good value and proven long-lasting marine starting battery (which also has some cycling capability for on-board electrics), then we would go for the Century Marine Pro Range if budget is a large factor.

Our Online pricing makes these batteries extremely competitive and far better value than most batteries which are supposedly "Marine grade" (but are often just rebadged car batteries without plate protection).

For a little more you could also consider the well proven USA Trojan Batteries or the surprisingly good E-Nex range from Korea.

GEL Deep Cycle Marine Batteries:

If you are replacing GEL batteries and have a GEL compatible charging system in place then we would recommend the USA GEL-TECH Deep Cycle battery range for Marine use. Be aware though that they do need GEL charging - i.e. lower voltage than Flooded or AGM. Other GEL batteries are available on request but we have had good feedback on the GEL-TECH range so stock it mainly.

AGM Deep Cycle Marine Batteries:

We offer a huge choice in AGM, depending on your budget and requirements. At the top the USA Lifeline range is probably the best AGM Deep Cycle battery you can buy in traditional format (i.e. vertical plates and a rectangular case). Super fast charging and unbeatable lifecycle, all with a 5 year Warranty.

Also at the top end in Marine AGM, and with unbeatable vibration resistance given by their spiral wound plate design, the Optima Blue Top range is very powerful and fast to recharge from flat. They hold their charge very well and the only potential weak point is a lower Amp-Hour rating for the battery size than some other AGM types with the same footprint. The D31M gives 75Ah with 900 Cold Cranking Amps.

Further down the pecking order (and the price range) in AGM, but still very good quality, we stock AGM Deep Cycle batteries from Ultimate, Century and Ritar, all suitable for Marine use and many in sizes from under 80Ah to over 200 Amp-Hour. If you want starting capability remember to pick one with the dual terminals.

Sealed Marine Deep Cycle:

For internal use (under seats etc.) you need to use a sealed battery that will not normally give off any gas while charging. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel and Maintenance Free (Sealed - valve regulated) are good choices here. Note that batteries should never be put in a fully sealed box, there should always be some level of ventilation to alow for fault conditions or overcharging.

Ultimately the available space, charging solution and value for money will determine the best choice and we would be happy to advise further if you are in doubt.

Battery testing and condition reports are also available, as is marine grade battery cabling & terminals. Also a wide range of Marine Grade Battery Chargers from CTEK (the M-Series), and others from Projecta, Victron and Matson.

We also sell Solar Panels and Regulators to properly charge your batteries while you sail.