Deep Cycle Battery Expert Advice

Not sure which Deep Cycle battery is best for you? We stock hundreds of Deep Cycle Batteries from about 20 of the best manufacturers. We have sold tens of thousands of Deep Cycle Batteries, and talked to many thousands of customers at Caravan Shows and Field days. So, if you would like expert advice you can;

  • Read this article (or the FAQ links further down on the left hand side).
  • Email or call with your requirements and we will tailor our advice to suit your application, space and budget.
  • Drop into a Store - they all stock a wide range of Battery Chargers, Connectors, Cables, Inverters, Solar etc. and can provide testing, fitting advice and support. 

Which Deep Cycle Battery Brands do we recommend?

In General we would suggest steering clear of the "Cheapies" you see knocking about online and in car battery stores. You can easily spot them as they are all made in China, from "never-heard-of-them" makers and have car battery terminals on top and "CCA" ratings (Cold Cranking Amps) listed on the label. 

For the small amount you might save over a trusted brand its simply not worth the risk of ruining your trip away. Most of them are standby VRLA batteries, and they may work ok for a while, and some even have long warranties, but to take advantage of them you'd need to pay to ship them back, hope you can prove the fault was a manufacturing one and then you often have to purchase another. If your budget is tight we have good quality 100Ah Deep Cycle batteries from around $195, or about $60 more if you need a dry-sealed AGM (e.g. our HC Range).

1. For Top Quality AGM Deep Cycle Batteries look at Ritar and FullRiver.

The FullRiver range of 12v Deep-Cycle AGM batteries are incredibly popular & well proven in Australia. Its one of those brands that people at Caravan shows all make a point of coming across to tell you how well theirs have lasted (7+years typically), and nobody seems to have been disappointed with their purchase.

Similarly Ritar AGM batteries have a reputation for good performance and long life at a reasonable price, and they have been the original brand fitted in many new RV's (e.g. Jayco). Even if you are not a Jayco fan, its fair to say that a large percentage of all new Caravans and Motorhomes have been fitted with the Ritar brand and hence they are well proven in Australia.

2. For Tough "Off Road" AGM Batteries.

Look at the Optima Yellow Top range (if you need toughness and vibration resistance) and can live with lower amp-hours. They recharge very quickly so the "useable" amp-hours are not quite as bad as you would imagine from the label. 

Alternatively the superb USA made Lifeline AGM range combines toughness with good amp-hours for running fridges etc. Lifeline's are probably the best AGM battery available.

3. For Access type (Wet Lead Acid, top up style) Deep Cycle batteries

The USA-made Trojan's can really take a pounding. A good quality Trojan is rated at 500+ Cycles to 50% Depth of Discharge. They are good for under-bonnet installations (unlike most AGM & Gel batteries), and are cheaper than their equivalent quality AGM or Gel, with a wide dealer network & good warranty support.

Flooded batteries self discharge more quickly than AGM however, and do not charge up as quickly. They also need topping up. We also stock Century and E-NEX brands, and can provide Exide etc. as required.

4. For Gel Deep Cycle Batteries
If you want to go for GEL then we would recommend Sonnenschein or GEL-TECH for Golf and Mobility Scooter applications. We also Stock MK and other well known brands. Avoid cheap Chinese gel-cells (a term often given to any old sealed battery). 
5. General Advice.

It all depends on your application & your budget. All AGM batteries for example are sealed, maintenance free (i.e. no topping up with water) and they self-discharge very slowly in comparison to the older style flooded deep cycle batteries. They are quick to charge, and the good brands last very well. If under-bonnet fitting in an engine bay is a requirement then in AGM only a Lifeline or an Optima cope well with the heat.

  • Gel or AGM Deep Cycle Battery?

If you want a sealed Maintenance Free battery then we would go AGM, unless you are replacing an existing GEL battery. The AGM is more popular in the market, and tolerates normal charging from an Alternator or standard Wet Lead-Acid battery charger. 

However if flattening the battery is likely to happen, e.g. Golf buggies, then a good quality GEL is better. Make sure your charger has a GEL setting or is designed for GEL to avoid over-charging the battery as they need a lower charging voltage than other Lead-Acid batteries.

  • Fully Sealed or Accessible (Flooded)?

If you have a battery space with limited access to "top up" the cells, or are fitting the battery inside a vehicle (e.g. under a seat) or in a metal boat then Sealed is the only way to go. 

However if ventilation and access is good, and if you are the type to remember to check the levels in the cells, then you can get excellent quality flooded lead acid batteries that will take a pounding and last very well for less than the price of an AGM sealed unit. 

Also of course if its going under a vehicle bonnet read the advice in our installation section and don't buy any GEL or an AGM for that purpose without checking its suitable first (many are not).

Deep Cycle Solar Batteries.

We have access to a wide range of 2Volt and 6Volt Deep Cycle batteries. Pease call for a quote on BAE, Raylite, Surette, Concorde, Trojan, Rolls and other top quality batteries.