AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Here are a few of our popular 100 Amp-Hour, fully Sealed AGM Deep Cycle batteries. These batteries are leak-proof and can fit under a seat in a caravan /RV. If you have more questions then feel free to drop in for a chat, or call or email us - we stock many Deep Cycle Battery brands and our advice is fully independent.

Other sizes are also available via our our Deep Cycle Home Page - where you can also to select your battery by application e.g. Marine, 4WD, Motorhome etc.

Brand Model
Remco RM12-100

Remco RM12-100 AGM Deep Cycle Battery
The RM12-100 battery is a 12V 100Ah Sealed AGM battery designed for Cyclic or Standby use. Typically used under seats in Campervan or Motorhome installations. A well known brand for the price of a cheap "no-name" import. For more information please click the image to the left.

Ritar RA12-100

Ritar RA12-100SD 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

A good quality 100 Amp-Hour (100Ahr) AGM battery from Ritar. Ritar are one of the largest and best known Chinese manufactured batteries, and these are fitted as standard in new Jayco units. well proven in Motorhomes & Marine installations in Australia, for more information please click the image to the left.

Ritar RA12-100 Full River AGM Deep Cycle Batteries: A top quality and extremely popular range of AGM deep cycle batteries. Well respected and proven in Caravan, Motorhome and Marine installations in Australia.
Ultimate 100

Ultimate UL110 AGM Deep Cycle Battery

The Ultimate UL110 battery is a very good quality AGM battery designed to be used for portable power in Leisure applications such as Motorhomes and for Marine and recreational use. Leakproof, Spillproof and Maintenance-free with fast charging & low internal resistance. With CCA ratings and twin posts allowing for occasional starting as well as cycling.

Century C12-100DA Century C12-100DA 103Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery. Century deep cycle AGM batteries are ideal for use in applications where fast recharge, improved vibration resistance and superior deep cycle performance is required. With low internal resistance and low self discharge rates they allow faster recharge and longer shelf life. Possibly the best known Australian brand, Century has proven a popular choice for several generations now, a good name to trust.
Lifeline GPL-27T

Lifeline GPL-27T 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Lifeline are made in the USA, and make probably the best AGM batteries in the world. Original equipment on top-end RV's and Marine craft, they come with a 5-Year Warranty in Marine and RV use. Lifeline's are regularly used in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race and similarly challenging applications, these are simply excellent where deep cycling and long life are required.

We also sell Deka, Full River, Trojan, Sonnenschein, Federal, Alco E-Nex and other Deep Cycle Brands for customers with a particular preference, just call for a quote.

The main considerations in RV/Motorhomes are often size, price, capacity (Amp-Hours) and whether to choose a Sealed battery (GEL/AGM) or a regular Wet Lead Acid. Our Deep Cycle Help & FAQ may also help. We don't mind getting our hands dirty taking a look at and testing your set up if you can travel to us, or otherwise we can give advice by phone or email. Good advice and our low pricing on Batteries, Chargers, Solar and accessories will save you money either way! Easy parking at our Stores, just drop in.

Every Battery for all your AGM Deep Cycle Battery needs.

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