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Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied, please let us know if we can do better! Here are some recent customer emails & comments from our Facebook, Yellow Pages and Google Plus sites.

Wayne (Email fro Kensington Store). I have done business at Every Battery (Kensington) on several occasions over the past couple of years. On each occasion I have been genuinely appreciative of the excellent level of customer service given to me. Indeed, recently Pete, a relatively new employee at the store, has been outstanding .... going beyond basic service to assist me with battery purchases. I don't normally take the time to provide feedback like this, but wanted to on this occasion. Unreservedly, I recommend this business to anyone seeking to purchase any sort of battery.

Mike B (Email Heidelberg Store). Recently, I went to the Heidelberg store to check my car battery for my late model E350 Mercedes. I was so impressed by the customer service provided by Ray at the store that I would highly recommend that you see these guys first to either check your battery or before you consider purchasing a new one. Thank you!

Greg Hall (Email Kensington Store). Hi I would just like to take a moment to say thanks to the team at the Kensington store. I was impressed by the time taken with me on the phone. When I researched I found your prices good so I went to the store. I was served by Elijah, a polite young man. He connected a power supply so I wouldn't have to know the code for my radio which I don't have as I bought the car second hand, a good thing that saved me lots of time and hassle, installed my battery for me, had the right tools for cleaning the terminals and cables, tested the car to make sure the alternator was working well. Oh the battery was better and cheaper than I could have got from say RACV. It cranks the engine just fine. So lets recap: good prices, great service, seemingly great product. Thanks in a world where it is harder and harder to find a god place to shop I was glad to find you.

John Bravo (Facebook Ashburton Store). 5 star Brilliant service, top brand batteries, phenominal honest adviceand recommendations. Car buffs, likeme, dont hesitate to call on these guys

Subject: ORDER ID 9816 From: Les Donnon - Hi Guys, Have received my batteries on order ID 9816 all OK. Would like to thank you for your fast, efficient, easy to use service with an excellent price ( over 30% cheaper than Adelaide ) . Would thoroughly recommend your service to anyone. Have a great day. Regards Les

Andre Mu (5 out of 5 review on Facebook for the Ashburton Store). – 5 star really happy with the level of service i received from these guys-- replaced battery for my 2012 Golf R with an oem varta. very competitive pricing too compared to independent workshop and dealership.

Tom Jurkovic (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Many thanks to Francis for the advice and great service last Friday morning. Had the Optima D34 battery I was after at a great price, and also installed the battery for me without charge. Will be back when next in need of any battery. Cheers

David Purser (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Heidelberg Store). I'm really impressed with the service here, they didn't have the motorbike battery I needed in stock when I arrived however it was hand delivered to my doorstep within 12 hours at no extra cost. Their prices are very competitive, I'd be surprised if you got a better deal (or better service) elsewhere.

Michael Hobley (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Ashburton Store). Fantastic service and a focus on making the customer happy is what has prompted me write this review. I bought a battery for my 2011 JK Jeep Wrangler (petrol), based on the model recommended by the Century batteries website (D31A Optima). Great price. I was in a hurry and decided I would fit it myself later. My original battery finally gave up the ghost in the afternoon. It was then I found it didn't fit. Way too big, but managed to sit it on an angle to get by temporarily. I later emailed Century but their answer was that it's just a guide and they blame the manufacturer. It was now used, and in no way any fault of the store. I rang Every Battery Ashburton and explained my issue and that I couldn't get back until days later. It was no problem to them at all. They changed it over, did the installation and refunded the difference in price. Friendly service, professional, knowledgeable.

Tania Parker (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Checked and recharged our house alarm battery for no cost and with a smile! Will definitely come back here when we need to replace it! Great customer service.

Sok Shin Yap (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Very impressed by their excellent service! Ordered a NS70L Century car battery the night before and received a confirmation email saying it was ready for pick-up the next day. Got an unexpected upgrade to a NS70LX with no extra charges as they ran out of NS70L. Following my purchase, they also went the extra mile by coming by and help rectify my battery installation issues. Indeed, as these guys from EveryBattery will say "Always happy to help!"

Luke Fogarty (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Great service. Helped revive an old battery for no cost and gave great advice

Just want to say thanks, and applaud your terrific speedy service. Ordered Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday!! Alison H. (Geelong).

>> Thanks' Guys, battery arrived today, that is a 24 hour service to country Vic, well done.

Regards Eddy.

Visit to Ashburton store
From: "Edward Boyce"
Date: Sat, July 2, 5:00 pm

>> The battery on my (dinosaur) mobile phone died recently. I attempted to buy a replacement battery from a business on ebay - unfortunately my first port of call. After 12 days and many stressful emails and phone calls (much of this in broken English), I decided to start again. I found your website, found the item I wanted within a minute, rang the store and had a pleasant conversation, went to your beautiful store, was served by the very pleasant Jonathan, battery in phone - no stress- and all within the time span of about 2 hours.

Thankyou very much and good luck with your business.

>> Greetings. The purpose of this email is to thank your staff for their very efficient customer service. I could be identified as a senior, repeat, senior citizen not well versed in the ways of modern technology (internet and purchasing items on line etc) however your system is excellent. For the record the item was ordered yesterday afternoon and was delivered this morning by the postman at 9-30 am the usual delivery time

Thank you again for your prompt and efficient service. Yours faithfully Robert Troutbeck.

Brendan Kehoe (4 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Had what I wanted on the shelf ready to go and I must add At the right price

Steve Booth (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Great service, Friendly staff were very helpful. Car fixed.

Samantha Blair (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Ashburton Store). Great service and value, had my battery changed and back on the road again in little time. Amazing what a new battery and a system reset will do for modern cars!

Ben Hayes (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Ashburton Store). Highly recommended. They had the car battery I needed in stock, at a great price and fitted it for me. Professional and friendly service. Thanks Guys.

Arran Bell (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Ashburton Store). excellent service great range

Josh Bowden (5 out of 5 review on Facebook for the Kensington Store). Josh Bowden – 5 starThanks to the blokes at the Kensington store, had my VW back up and running in no time

Terese Masters (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). Many thanks to Ray and David for their superior service and assistant. Ray personally delivered a car battery to our house in Yarraville and installed it for us at no additional cost. We would definitely use them again!

Peter Hatcher (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Kensington Store). incredibly fast and professional service. helped me out of a tight spot. thanks ray!

Emma O Connor (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Heidelberg Store). The guy at Every Battery was really helpful. He gave us a few options of various prices for our car battery and fitted it there and then. Was a really good price too. Would highly recommend. Great service.

Johny Dramna (5 out of 5 review on Google Plus for the Heidelberg Store). Extremely well priced. Way better than Repco, Autobahn ect.. The people were very helpfull and had great knowledge.

From: adanks To: "Every Battery Team" > Incredible service guy's. Ordered my battery on a Sunday, received it > Wednesday. Congratulations on a easy to navigate website, found my battery > within seconds. Will be recommending your service to my friends. Well > done. > > Regards Andrew

From: Colin Cooper To: 'Every Battery' Subject: RE: Re - Quote Please use the following as a testimonial for your site: ‘Ben was a pleasure to work with right from the get go…We were really pressed for time getting our battery and I felt the staff at Every battery went out of their way to get it delivered to us ASAP. I have already recommended them to others…’ Thanks again, Col

Dear everybattery, Quick post ! Packed well ! .....Someone that knows how to run a business. Very happy :) I'll be back Thank you Sue....... - suew3735

From: Emily Archer To: Subject: Thank you Hello, My name is Emily and I purchased a battery from your Kensington store this week. I just wanted to say thank you so much to Craig for all of his help, patience, and for the amazing customer service he provided. I've told my friends about my great experience with Craig and your store, and I I'm sure now whenever they need car things, they'll come to you! Thank you again. Emily

>> Wow, I'm very impressed with your service! That's fantastic, thanks so much, I'm ordering them from the link you provided plus a couple of others. Great to know about your company.
Best regards,
Jean (Mountain Edge Studios on Tamborine Mountain, QLD).

>> Great service! It is rare to have an internet shop move so fast in Australia! Battery charging up now. Thanks!!! Karah Wertz.

>> On Tuesday I ordered an Olympus camera battery from you. Today, Thursday, it arrived in the mail! What amazing service. The price was excellent, too. I've already told my family and several friends about you and we'll certainly use your services again. Thank you so much. If you would like to, please use my letter for advertising purposes. Coral, (Perth, WA).

>> Cheers,
Looked forward to receiving it and in the future doing more business with you guys after all it is just up the continent!

Dr. Peter Horton
Fellow, The Cairns Institute, Senior Lecturer School of Education
James Cook University, Townsville Queensland 4811

Helen Duffin Order ID: 1194
From: "Joan + John Duffin" <jdx2@------------------------>
Date: Fri, May 13, 10:14 pm

>> Hello Matthew,

I would like to thank you and the team at Every Battery for your telephone advice, good service, and prompt delivery of my camera battery. I will have no hesitation in recommending Every Battery to others.

Kind regards,

Helen Duffin.

"mal" <malcolm.brown4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, May 24, 5:14 pm
To: "'Every Battery Team'" <>

Thank you for the replacement battery, it is good to deal with companies like yours efficient, honest, reliable, will recommend you to others.


Order ID xxxx - Tony Evans
From: "Nicole Lette" <>
Date: Fri, May 13, 10:09 am
To: "" <>

>> To whom it may concern

I just wanted to update you that we received the replacement order sent by air express and the original order sent by normal mail. As requested, I have returned the second order in the return envelope you provided. This was sent in yesterdays mail.

Thank you for your understanding of how urgent these were to us... really appreciate your help!

Nicole Lette

>> Thanks

The battery arrived safely and two days from you advised email. Great service and at a VERY competitive price (including the shipping cost) When need I'll be using your service again

And Again thanks very much

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Sent: Monday, 12 September 12:59 PM
Subject: Order status updated

T7 battery order xxxx
From: "Neil Strode" <neilst65@------------------->
Date: Sat, August 13, 7:26 am

>> Thank you so much for the fantastic service - received my battery yesterday!



Re: Order status updated
From: "Anja Barton" <jandabarton@-------------->
Date: Thu, July 14, 1:36 pm

>> Thanks for the quick delivery! It arrived the day after I ordered - great!


On 06/07/, at 5:05 PM, wrote:

> Dear Joseph Barton
> Your order id xxxx has been updated from Order
> Received to Order Shipped.

Re: Order status updated
From: "Perry Edwards" <perryedwards@-------------------->
Date: Thu, June 23, 9:25 pm
To: "Every Battery Team" <>

>> Additional Battery was received yesterday - thanks for your prompt service and resolution of this over sight. I look forward to using your company again in the future.

Thanks again
Perry Edwards

Re: Order status updated
From: paul.teape4@-------------------
Date: Mon, June 6, 3:24 pm

>> I am very impressed by the service you offer.

I thank you very much.

Paul Teape.
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Subject: Order status updated

Dear Paul Teape
Your order id xxxx has been updated from Order Received to
Order Shipped.

Recently I purchased a battery for a ZTE F252 mobile phone for my dad, who lives in Wangaratta. I just want to say a huge thankyou to you guys as you did for him, what no other retailer could do. ........ Your service was fast which was fantastic and your product range was very impressive. I will be recommending you to everyone.

Kind regards
Sonia Lines

I just wanted to say what fantastic service your Ashburton manager and his assistant gave to me. I was driving my wife¿s car. I had trouble starting it. I called into the Ashburton store. They checked the battery and advised it was due to be replaced. They advised on the best battery, they fitted it and fixed the connection from the engine. I couldn¿t recommend your firm highly enough. Kevin Bolt (Victoria)

I have used the drill and saw which this battery fits and they are better than new! I will be back with the other battery soon. Thanks for the quick service and quality product. I¿m happy to recommend your service to anyone. Lionel (Tasmania)