Battery Pack Welding & Repacking

Battery packs for items such as Makita & De Walt Drills can be refreshed with new battery cells within the existing plastic battery case. We have a low temperature precision battery welder which makes this a good way to extend your power pack life with new cells.

Model battery packs and Industrial packs (e.g. for Exit-Light power packs) are also regularly produced. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to take your order via phone or email. We send battery packs Australia-wide using Australia Post and Parcel Couriers.

Power Tool Batteries

Custom Battery Packs

We manufacture these using our own specialised battery welding machinery and high quality cells such as Sanyo. We know and care about batteries, battery-charging and maintenance, with a qualified Electronics Design Engineer on the team our staff also have a wealth of practical experience.

With access to Saft and Tadiran Lithium primary cells (providing an incredible 20 Amp-hour capacity in a D-Size case) as well as Duracell's Professional range of Pro-Cell alkaline and Sanyo's NimH rechargable cells, we can provide huge power and flexibility to fit almost any packaging requirement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Every Battery accepts all types of batteries for recycling, free of charge, including Lead-acid, Lithium Ion, LiFePO4, NIMH, NICAD, Gel, AGM and Carbon Zinc. All batteries are submitted for recycling to minimize harm to the environment.