Car Battery Testing.

Is my Car Battery faulty or is it something else?

If your car battery is struggling to start your vehicle then we can test it to see if it needs replacing. We can also provide a full charging-system test using our approved test equipment, with a print-out of maximum and minimum voltage points and starter motor engagement timing.

Sometimes a flat battery is a sympton of another problem (e.g. your alternator may not be charging the battery properly, or there may be a drain on the battery from a light, security system or another accessory). For the full range of testing options including high amperage load testing and hydrometer (specific gravity) readings please drop into your local Store.

If your battery is flat then we can charge it up for you and this is normally a free service. You will need to leave it with us overnight and we will then re-test it when it is charged. Alternatively you can purchase a battery charger and charge it up yourself. See our range of battery chargers or call us for advice.