Car Battery Charging Service (In Store).

Free Battery Charging.

If your car battery is dead flat it can sometimes be quite hard to get charge back into it, and of course you can't really test a flat battery very well to see if it is any good or not! If you want us to charge up and then test your car battery then just drop it off at your nearest Store and we would be happy to do that for you. We have a wide range of chargers to cover all car battery types and chemistries.

You will need to leave it with us overnight and we will then re-test it when it is charged.

What if the battery was not the problem?

If your battery tests up OK then we can also provide a full vehicle charging-system test using our Century-Yuasa approved test equipment. This is generally a service we provide after we fit a new battery into a vehicle and it gives peace of mind that your vehicles alternator, regulator and electrical connections are all in good order.


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