Why Buy a Battery Charger from "Every Battery"?

At "Every Battery" we sell a huge range of Battery Chargers - and many of these are now available with online ordering and delivery across Australia. Find out more about us or read some more reasons to buy from Every Battery here, or just contact your nearest Store if you need a charger for a specific model.

All of our battery chargers are fully automatic (allowing you to leave them connected to the battery without fear of over-charging). Many of our Automotive Battery Chargers are 12Volt only, although some are 6Volt, 24Volts or can be set at will. Please take care when choosing your charger and if in doubt contact us in-store.

The rule of thumb for Automotive and Deep Cycle batteries is to choose a charger capable of delivering at least 10% of the batteries Amp-hour rating, so for example a mid-size car battery with a 60 Amp-hour equivalent battery should be charged via a 6 Amp charger or larger.

Our Automotive Battery Charger range starts with small "trickle chargers" for your car, bike, boat or ride-on lawn-mower. These can extend the life of your battery significantly by avoiding the sulphation problem which is an issue for most starting batteries that are left for a period of time without charging.

Solar trickle chargers are also available, but care needs to be taken regarding regulating the solar panel if these are to be left for extended period. In general a small solar panel (less than 5 watts) on a large battery (car size) may work fine, whereas larger panels on smaller batteries may damage the battery through over-charging if not connected via a solar regulator / charge controller. If in doubt please contact us for advice.