Battery Chargers: For All Types of Battery

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7 Stage Motorhome/Auto Chargers

projecta IC battery charger
Ideal for Motorhomes, Dust Proof Australian design. Remote Monitor, AGM, GEL, Calcium etc for Deep Cycle, Auto & Marine. Switchmode.
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6 Stage Chargers: Adjustable Amps

projecta PC battery charger
Great Value Switch-mode Chargers for Car, Marine & Deep Cycle Batteries. Adjustable from 2A up to 21Amps on some models.
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3 Stage Automatic Car Chargers

Projecta AC car battery charger picture
Fully Automatic 3 Stage Car Battery Chargers, switch on and leave. Featuring Toroidal Transformers and great value for money.
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CTEK 8 Stage Marine/RV Chargers

ctek battery charger
CTEK make some of the best Battery Chargers available. Period. Scandanavian design, great for Deep Cycle, Marine & Auto.

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Motorbike & Maintenance Chargers

trickle charger
For all Cars, MotorBikes, Jetski, Ride-On mowers etc. Extend the life of your battery with Maintenance or Trickle Chargers. Great Value.
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Workshop Chargers - 6V/12V/24V

workshop battery chargers
Powerful Workshop chargers, many with selectable Voltage (6v, 12V and 24V) plus other handy features. Matson and Projecta Range.
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Adjustable Voltage & Current Chargers

matson IR charger
Matson make some nifty intelligent chargers with selctable current and voltages. 2Amp to 24Amp 7 Stage Chargers are excellent value.
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Universal Laptop Charger

laptop computer charger
Laptop "lump in the line" Power Supplies often fail early. Why not buy one charger, which with a range of connectors suits most models?
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Phone & Camera Battery Charger

mobile phone battery charger
How about a fully automatic charger which can handle almost every type of Phone & Camera Battery? Senses the type and voltage, great for trips!
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Other Battery Chargers

other battery chargers
For all other types of battery charger (e.g. Hobby chargers, General purpose Chargers etc.) follow this link...
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AA/AAA Battery Chargers

eneloop chargers
Sanyo Eneloop and other battery chargers for AA/AAA/C/D rechargeable NiMH and NiCd batteries.
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