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Please contact us us if you need any help choosing the right battery. We stock Varta: Made in Germany and ideal for Audi, BMW, VW & Mercedes. We also sell low priced Calcium Maintenance Free batteries; ideal for normal cars in everyday driving. Other popular options include AlcoCentury and Exide.

Flat Battery or Dead Battery?

We have the latest electronic testers which can tell you if you really need a new battery or just need to give your current one a good charge. We can also give your charging system a full test. For borderline cases we have carbon pile load testers to detect intermittent faults & dropped cells.

Which car battery is best for me?

It depends on the vehicle (car, 4x4, Taxi...) and useage (Short trips? Off-road? Left standing a lot?).  It also depends on the age of the car, the load put onto the battery by standard (or aftermarket) accessories, and many other factors.

And of course price and warranty is a factor for most people. Some are looking for the lowest price on a car battery because they intend to sell the car shortly. The important thing is to get the best value car battery for your needs, the battery that is the right balance between price, performance and longevity. Call us if you need to discuss this or you are unsure which battery would be best for you. 

Why are Car Starting Batteries under more pressure?

The introduction of smart-charge regulators into many vehicles, along with heavier electrical loads (powered seats, GPS, In-Car computers...) have all made life for the car battery much more difficult than in previous decades, and Stop-start technology (where the engine is switched off in traffic and at red lights) places a huge strain on car batteries, forcing them to start the vehicles engine many times in a single trip instead of just once. All of this makes it more important than ever to choose the right battery for your vehicle.

Car Batteries: Buy Online

Want the cheapest price on a car battery in Melbourne? Want to know the cost of a replacement car battery for your vehicle? Just use our car battery selector and choose from the top brands of car battery for your car.

Save Money by buying online, and then just "Collect and Go". Our high turnover means you get the freshest stock, and because we are independent we can offer you the best advice without having to push a particular brand. 

Start-Stop Car Battery Replacement

Many cars now have heavy electrical loads and complex alternators including regulated charge control and "Stop-Start" systems for fuel saving. We can help you find the right battery if your vehicle has Start-Stop, just contact us for help.

Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside assistance services can be great at getting their members moving again, but they simply can't carry the right battery for every car and mebership fees (and battery prices) can high. With weight & space restrictions can come the temptation to use lighter-weight batteries, or ones that are only "approximately right" for the vehicle. Buy the right battery from our huge range and you can save time and money.

Guide to Car Battery types

Aside from a few high-performance dry Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, most auto batteries tend to come in two main types;

1. Calcium "Maintenance Free" (or Calcium Sealed) batteries.

Calcium batteries can be a good choice for cars which may be left to stand for long periods (e.g. at airports, or which are only occasionally used) as they tend to have a lower self-discharge than traditional batteries.

They also have very good cranking power for their size, and will never need "topping up" at services. The cells have a chemical added which is designed to scavenge most of the water created by charging and re-cycle it back into the cell. This works well and most customers are happy with not having to maintain (top up) their car batteries. 

One downside to Calcium MF batteries tends to be that they are very hard to recover if they ever do go flat (e.g. lights left on in the car). You would need a good battery charger with a calcium (High Voltage) setting to properly re-charge them, something many battery chargers don't have.

Calcium Maintenance Free batteries also can struggle to deal with the underbonnet heat found in Far North Queensland, NT, WA etc.

2. Traditional Wet Cell "Lead-Acid" top-up batteries.

With the traditional Lead Acid batteries you can often open up the tops of the cells to monitor and top up the cell if required with distilled water (or other clean water, such as de-ionised, but never with battery acid).

Some come with a water-loss indicator (also called a "magic eye") which acts like a hydrometer on one cell and changes colour based on the state of charge and the water level of the cell. Note that its only monitoring one cell, the other 5 in a 12Volt battery are often (but not always) in a similar condition.

The "acid-test" with lead acid batteries is quite literally to "test the acid", as towards its end of life the battery may struggle to charge and "gassing-off" may rise considerably, so the cells will need monitoring more often. Of course with an Accessible battery this test can be quite simply carried out, and the hydrometer reading will give an accurate view of each cell's state of charge.

Traditional Lead Acid Access batteries in our view have given good service for many years, especially in the hotter parts of Australia.  

Are some Car Batteries better than the others?

Lots of different car battery makes and models are available. If you do a search for "car batteries Melbourne" or similar you will see plenty of different brands, on the outside they all look pretty much the same.

Inside the battery the quality of the materials (amount of metal in the plates, purity of the lead, additives used) and the quality of the design and manufacturing process used to make the various models varies enormously.

We know from experience (having sold and tested many thousands of car batteries) that there is a big difference in quality between the different brands, and so we tend to stick with manufacturers we have come to trust. 

Need Car Battery Advice - or have a question not covered here?

You can find out more about us, read some more reasons to buy from Every Battery, or just contact your nearest store for specialist help and advice on all things battery related.