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We sell Dual Battery Systems, Isolators, Battery Boxes, Cables, Air-compressors, DC/AC Inverters, Solar Panels and of course Deep Cycle batteries to make your 4x4 trip more enjoyable.
  • For regular 4WD Starting batteries (N70ZZ, N70ZZL4WD etc.) jump to Auto.
  • The main consideration in 4x4 and Automotive is often what will fit under the bonnet in the engine bay and give the most capacity (Amp-Hours) to run the fridge, while also being capable of dealing with some engine starting or winching. Our suggestions are as follows (see also notes below).

Second (Dual) Batteries for 4x4 Vehicles with Deep Cycle Capability.

Optima D27F Yellow Top Battery Optima D27F 830CCA (66Ah): Now Free Delivery! Ideal for 4x4 installations, the Optima spiral cell design with the plates wound tightly around a central core gives exceptional vibration resistance (15 times more than other batteries). Extremely tough, with huge cranking amps for its size. Only 35 minutes from flat to fully charged at 100Amps. 3 year warranty, Leak and spill-proof, they are maintenance free. Fits in the "standard" 12 inch N70ZZ footprint. Sealed for use either internally or in the engine bay.
Century N70-T

Century Deep Cycle N70T (100Ah). Century Australia's Deep Cycle Flooded range are constructed with thicker plates, specialist antimonial lead alloys and dense active material to withstand repeated recharge and discharge cycles. 100 Amp-hours in this popular case size with twin terminals. Great value and quality, built-in handle. Tough Century battery which lasts well. Access battery - so engine bay is OK but internal use is not. Pure Deep Cycle.

Century N70ZM

Century Marine-Pro 720 (720CCA / 100Ah): If you want a combination battery giving 100 Amp-Hour capacity coupled with engine starting capability in a N70ZZ size case then consider this Marine Pro. A 2 Year warranty and dual terminals so you can connect your low current accessories via the wing nuts provided onto the screw terminals, and then connect your main starting or high power accessories onto the SAE posts. Access battery - so engine bay is OK but internal use is not. Good choice for 4x4 combination battery.

E-NEX DC27MF E-NEX DC27MF (90Ah) Dual Purpose Battery. Deep Cycle Combination Battery from South Korea with twin terminals (screw and post) and provides combined Deep cycle and Starting capability. Maintenance Free and excellent value, it comes with a "Magic Eye" indicator and built in handle. This is a good buy if you want a Maintenance free Calcium battery. Good for engine bay.
Trojan SCS150 Trojan 12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries: Now Free Delivery! Trojan batteries are designed to be used as portable power for Leisure applications such as RV's and Marine use, but some will also fit under the bonnet in the larger 4WD's. USA based Trojan Batteries are a byword for reliability and long life. Access battery - engine bay is OK but internal use is not.
Lifeline GPL-27T Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle Batteries: Now Free Delivery! Top of the range and probably the best all round AGM batteries in the world. Lifeline are made in the USA by Concorde and are original equipment on top-end RV's and Marine craft. They come with a 5-Year Warranty, are rated at 1,100 Cycles to 50% Depth of Discharge, 2% per month self-discharge and can accept 100% of their rated capacity on charge! The case material is fine for under bonnet use, unlike many AGM batteries. Sealed so can be used internally or in the engine bay.
  • For internal use (inside the boot, under seats etc.) you need to use a fully sealed battery that will not give off gas while charging. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is the best choice here.
  • We have listed our top choices for the "standard size" dual battery (i.e. to fit a 12inch N70ZZ size footprint). If you have less room to play with, or want to put the battery inside then just contact us for sizing and advice.
  • The Marine Pro range and Century Flooded range come in smaller case sizes, or if you want a sealed battery then there are also smaller variants in the Optima and Lifeline ranges.
  • Note that batteries should never be put in a fully sealed box, there should always be some level of ventilation to allow for fault conditions or overcharging.
  • Ultimately the available space, charging solution and value for money will determine the best choice and we would be happy to help if you are in doubt.
  • We don't mind getting our hands dirty taking a look at and testing your set up if you can travel to us, or otherwise we can advise by phone or email.
  • We have Cables, Cutters, Crimping & Soldering equipment and a wide range of connectors, terminals, battery chargers, dual battery systems and Solar panels so we should be able to help you out!