after much searching I visited your Glenorchy Store last week, trying to track down a battery for our Dingo Digger. As the Dingo is not listed in any "battery directory" is was proving hard to find one, however your manager James Davey spent time and phone calls to track the correct model down, of which there was one in stock, and at a VERY good price. Good old fashioned customer service is lacking in so many retail outlets these days ( I tend to notice as I owned a number of retail computer stores in previous business's) however James and Every Batter showed what can be done, even thought the phones were ringing etc ..... Thank you once again, and we shall not hesitate to recommend your store to all our business contacts and friends within Tasmania.

Carl Ellendale Tasmania.

Every Battery Glenorchy. 442 Main Road Glenorchy Tasmania 7010
We are opposite the Club Hotel, near Northgate. We service all of Hobart.

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Every Battery GlenorchyEvery Battery Glenorchy


Why buy from Every Battery Glenorchy?

  1. We are an Independent Tasmanian Company, with real stores that you can visit or call for help.
  2. We offer a 30 day "No Quibble" money back guarantee. We want you to be 100% satisfied.
  3. As Australia's leading independent battery specialists we can offer unbiased advice and a wide choice of products. Other battery retailers are often owned by a Battery Company or forced to stick to a Franchisor's list of suppliers.
  4. We stock the very best manufacturers such as Duracell, Sanyo, Eneloop, Trojan, Ultimate, Odyssey, Optima, Lifeline & Sonnenschein. These American, Japanese & German manufacturers offer real quality, and we also sell Century batteries, which are often made in Australia.
  5. We offer full manufacturers warranty on all batteries we sell.
  6. We provide full after sales support.
  7. We are battery experts and can recondition and make up custom battery packs.
  8. We have a Qualified Electronics Engineer on staff, as well as a full team of experts at our suppliers.
  9. You can buy securely online, or order by phone or in one of our Stores.
  10. You can order Online but pay choose to pay "offline" if you wish to (by phone or bank transfer).

And 10 Great services we offer our customers:

  1. Battery Advice & Help - Choosing the right batteries saves you time and money.
  2. Battery Power calculating (e.g. for Deep Cycle, Solar, Invertors)
  3. Battery Fault finding (eg. is it the battery or the charger that's not working?)
  4. Battery Testing service - Normally FREE - on the spot.
  5. Battery Charging service - Normally Free (with a test & condition report after).
  6. Battery Fitting service
  7. Battery Welding Service and Custom Re-Packs.
  8. Battery Reconditioning Service (e.g. old Ni-cad Powertool batteries if still servicable).
  9. Battery Recycling Service - most types of battery FREE, even if you didn't buy it from us.
  10. Battery Search Service - Huge choice of batteries available for old and obscure models.

Please contact us if you have any questions.