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We stock a huge selection of AA, AAA and AAAA batteries, plus C, D, 9Volt. For trade quantities please contact us directly for an individual quote.

coin cell battery

coin cell battery Choose from Duracell or Varta for normal disposable batteries. We recommend Duracell for professional use and in the Varta we only sell their higher quality German made "Blue" products. For AAAA batteries see here. For Single Alkaline Packs and Lithium see here.

coin cell battery

coin cell battery Choose the Eneloop range for rechargeable batteries. Made in Japan, they come charged and will maintain their charge for a year or more if not used. They can be re-charged up to 2500 times.

We also stock higher capacity NiCad and NiMH batteries, plus specialist ones for cordless phones, garden solar lights etc. Please call us if you can't see what you need as not all products are currently online.