Solar Battery Charging

Solar Charging

If using Solar charging then you will need a Solar Controller (also known as a Solar Regulator) to avoid over-charging your deep cycle battery. These are normally purchased separately from the Solar Panel, with the exception of our "fold up" or "suitcase" style solar panels which have them already built-in and ready to go.

Many panels these days come with a silicon diode built in to avoid reverse discharge of the battery via the panel, but this is NOT sufficient to protect the battery from over-charging by the panel and a regulator must be used on all panels above a few watts in power.

Note that the latest MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar regulators can provide up to 97% efficiency, which is a big improvement on older style regulators. This can be an advantage where space is tight and a larger panel is not an option.

Do remember to set the Solar Controller / Regulator to suit the battery type if there is an option to do so, as Gel batteries, for example, require a lower charging voltage, while Calcium batteries can benefit from a much higher (up to 16Volt) Equalisation charge periodically. This is something many Morningstar and other good quality regulators allow for, including the ones built in to our folding panels. If in doubt please contact us for more information.

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