Revolution Lithium Battery 60Ah 12V
Revolution Lithium Battery 60Ah 12V
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Revolution Lithium Battery 60Ah 12V

Latest lithium technology!

Why carry around heavy, low AH AGM batteries when you can use light-weight, almost 'invisible' lithium deep-cycles!

Using LiFeP04 (Lithium Ferro-Phosphate) lithium technology, these deep-cycle batteries are extremely stable and durable. Unlike many other lithium batteries, LiFeP04 will not present dangers such as fire, will last longer, will give better power delivery and deliver a constant discharge voltage. 



Lith 12 60

Voltage: 12v

Amp hour: 60AH

Weight: 9kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 260x158x246mm

*Free Delivery to Eastern Seaboard
**Delivery charge to other destinations excluding NT, WA remote and QLD remote.