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Powertool Battery for BOSCH (TBS014)
Powertool Battery for BOSCH (TBS014)

Power tool battery for BOSCH.

NiCd, 12V, 2000mAh

Suitable for the following models:
330K, 3300K, 3305K, 3310K, 3315K, 3500, ABS12M-2, ABSM12V, AHS3ACCU, AHS4, AHSAACCU, ASG52

Replaces original battery:
2607335054, 2607335055(1.5Ah), 2607335071, 2607335081, 2607335090, 2607335107, 2607335108, 2607335143, 2607335145, 2607335148, 2607335151(2.0Ah), 2607335172

Online Price: $76.00
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