Trojan T-105
Trojan T-105
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Further Discounts available on sets of 6 or more (search for "T-105 set of 6"). 

The Trojan T-105 Deep Cycle battery is a 6Volt, 225Ah Deep Cycle battery for Marine, Camper/RV, Golf Carts etc. It can also be used in Industrial Machinery (e.g. floor sweepers) or as part of a bank for off-grid home solar solutions.

Trojan are Made in the USA and well known and trusted in Australia. Connect in series to make up a 12Volt or 24 Volt system if required (at 225 amp-hour). Trojan are Made in the USA and well known and trusted in Australia.

Delivery information: Flat rate shipping to most Australian destinations (excludes some Remote & Regional Areas in WA/SA/NT/FNQ/TAS - we will contact you if any surcharge applies). Please provide your phone number on the order form - our couriers normally require this before we can send your order. Alternatively select Store pick-up by choosing your nearest Store from the drop-down list below.

The Trojan T105 comes with a 12 month private use replacement warranty. Specifications for this battery are listed below.