Solar KIT 305W Canadian Solar Panel,  75/15 Victron MPPT Charger, Mounts, Cables and Fuse
Solar KIT 305W Canadian Solar Panel, 75/15 Victron MPPT Charger, Mounts, Cables and Fuse
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This is a caravan/vehicle solar kit using only the highest quality components available.

This kit will charge a 12V or a 24V battery bank

The 305W Canadian Solar Panel is the largest solar panel available on the market from a Tier 1 manufacturer. It offers unrivaled output power and build quality.

The Victron Blue Solar 75/15 MPPT charge controller is the most efficient regulator available on the market. It boasts a sophisticated MPPT algorthim that searches for "multiple Maximum Power points", meaning it will find the best input 'gearing' for all low light, shaded, mismatched panels, and high/low temperature environments as well as normal solar coniditions. Its unique input topology allows users to 'oversize' the array input without any damage to the charge controller. This allows a steadier, more predictable yield from the array.

The ABS Plastic mounting hardware has become the standard, non invasive method of fixing solar panels to a caravan or vehicle roof. Requiring no drilling, the Sikaflex 252 glue provided is more than up to the task of holding the panel to the roof in even the most demanding conditions. We provide 4-corners peices and side supports for all 4 side to ensure maximum surface area coverage on these large panels.

The 30A Battery terminal fuse protects your entire system from short cicuit cable fires by bolting directly to the battery terminal. Battery fuses (distinct from circuit fuses and isolators) are absolutely essential when using deep cycle batteries, and all to often not present. The short circuit current of the common 100Ah AGM battery is 5-10 times the rated current, so up to 1000A!

Kit Contains:


1 x 305W Canadian Solar Panel

1 x Victron blue solar MPPT 75/15 Charge Controller (5 year warranty)

1 x 30A Battery Fuse

ABS Plastic Solar Panel mounts including 4 x corners, short AND long sides + cable entry box

1 x 4m Solar Cable (From panel to MPPT Charge controller)

1 x 1m Battery Cable

1 x Tube Sikaflex 252 to use with Plastic mounting brackets