Matson 20 Amp DC to DC Charger Solar Input
Matson 20 Amp DC to DC Charger Solar Input
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Matson MA20DC 20 Amp DC to DC Charger Solar Input

Designed and manufactured for tough Australian conditions, the Matson MA20DC is ideal for all DC to DC charging applications.  Simple set and forget technology with easy connection to both batteries, with the additional benefits of Solar panel input  to charge the ausiliary battery (120 Watt recommended - see product instructions).

  • Set and forget - one set memory function
  • 20 Amp output, 12 Volt input
  • Three stage smart charging
  • IP65 rated - resistant to dust, splash and rain
  • Suitable for GEL, Lead Acid or Calcium chemistry batteries (selectable)
  • LEDs indicate charging status and selected chemistry
  • Electronic touch-button selection
  • Ease of installation
  • Low voltage cutout @ 12.2 Volt - suitable for variable voltage alternators.
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Overheating protection and cutout Microprcessor control and management.
  • Solar charging input.

View the product specifications on the MA20DC.
View the product instructions on the MA20DC.