Canon NB-2LH Digital Camera Battery
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Canon NB-2LH Digital Camera Battery
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  • Store-Grade Lithium-ion (Li-ion).
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Lithium-ion Battery: 7.4V, 700mAh

Replacement for the following batteries:

  • Canon NB-2L, Canon NB-2LH, Canon BP-2LH, Canon BP-2L5

This battery is suitable for use with the following cameras:

  • Canon DC301, Canon DC310, CanonDC320, CanonDC330, CanonDC420
  • Canon Digital Rebel XTi
  • Canon Elura 40MC, Canon Elura 50, Canon Elura 60, Canon Elura 65, Canon Elura 70, Canon Elura 80, Canon Elura 85, Canon Elura 90
  • Canon EOS 350D, Canon EOS 400D, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, Canon EOS Kiss Digital N, Canon EOS Kiss Digital X
  • Canon FV500, Canon FVM100, Canon FVM20, Canon FVM200, Canon FVM30
  • Canon HG10, Canon HV20, Canon HV30
  • Canon iVIS DC300, Canon iVIS HG10, Canon iVIS HV30, Canon IXY DV3, Canon IXY DV5, Canon IXY DVM3
  • Canon LEGRIA HF R106 , Canon LEGRIA HF R16, Canon LEGRIA HF R17, Canon LEGRIA HF R18
  • Canon MD100, Canon MD101, Canon MD110, Canon MD111, Canon MD120, Canon MD130, Canon MD14, Canon MD150, Canon MD160, Canon MD215, Canon MD225, Canon MD235, Canon MD245, Canon MD255, Canon MD265
  • Canon MV5, Canon MV5i, Canon MV5iMC, Canon MV6iMC, Canon MV790, Canon MVX200, Canon MVX200i, Canon MVX20i, Canon, Canon MVX250i, Canon MVX25i
  • Canon Optura 30, Canon Optura 40, Canon Optura 400, Canon Optura 50, Canon Optura 500, Canon Optura 60
  • Canon PowerShot G7, Canon PowerShot G9, Canon PowerShot S30, Canon PowerShot S40, Canon PowerShot S45, Canon PowerShot S50, Canon PowerShot S60, Canon PowerShot S70, Canon PowerShot S80
  • Canon VIXIA HF R10, Canon VIXIA HF R100, Canon VIXIA HF R11, Canon VIXIA HG10, Canon VIXIA HV30, Canon VIXIA HV40
  • Canon ZR500, Canon ZR600, Canon ZR700, Canon ZR800, Canon ZR830, Canon ZR850, Canon ZR900, Canon ZR930, Canon ZR950, Canon ZR960

Details: Lithium-Ion Battery, 7.4V, 700mAh