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Motorola K1 L6 V3X Battery (BC50)
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Motorola K1 L6 V3X Battery (BC50)
  • Description
  • Specifications

  • Application: Cellular Telephone
    • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion (Li Ion)
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Nominal Capacity: 750mAh
    Suitable For:
    Motorola K1 L6 V3X, Motorola C257, C261, E6, E8, E690, I425t
    Motorola L2, L7, L8, L2t, L7Ct, KRZR K1
    Motorola ROKRZ6t, U6Ct, U8, U9
    Motorola V9M, W208, W218
    Motorola Z1, Z3, Z6, Z6C, Z6CX
    Replaces original battery:


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