HP Laptop Computer Battery 6120
HP Laptop Computer Battery 6120
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Highest quality Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) replacement battery for your laptop or notebook computer. Built from Samsung premium quality Japanese cells, so performance and quality is assured. Plus you have the backing of our Australian-based Stores for advice and support.

  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 11.1 V, 5200 mAh
  • Highest quality Samsung Japanese cells.
  • Higher capacity than original battery.
  • Full 12 month replacement warranty.

Suitable for the following models:
Business Notebook 6510B, Business Notebook 6515B, Business Notebook 6710B, Business Notebook 6710S, Business Notebook 6715B, Business Notebook 6715s, Business Notebook 6910P, Business Notebook 8510P, Business Notebook NC6100, Business Notebook NC6105, Business Notebook NC6110, Business Notebook NC6115, Business Notebook NC6120, Business Notebook NC6140, Business Notebook NC6200, Business Notebook NC6220, Business Notebook NC6230, Business Notebook NC6300, Business Notebook NC6320, Business Notebook NC6400, Business Notebook NC8200, Business Notebook NW8200, Business Notebook NX5100, Business Notebook NX6100, Business Notebook NX6105, Business Notebook NX6110, Business Notebook NX6110/CT, Business Notebook NX6115, Business Notebook NX6120, Business Notebook NX6125, Business Notebook NX6130, Business Notebook NX6140, Business Notebook NX6300, Business Notebook NX6310, Business Notebook NX6310/CT, Business Notebook NX6315, Business Notebook NX6320, Business Notebook NX6320/CT, Business Notebook NX6325, Business Notebook NX6330, Compaq 6510B, Compaq 6515B, Compaq 6710B, Compaq 6710S, Compaq 6715B, Compaq 6715s, Compaq 6910P, Compaq 8510P, Compaq NC6100, Compaq NC6105, Compaq NC6110, Compaq NC6115, Compaq NC6120, Compaq NC6140, Compaq NC6200, Compaq NC6220, Compaq NC6230, Compaq NC6300, Compaq NC6320, Compaq NC6400, Compaq NC8200, Compaq NW8200, Compaq NX5100, Compaq NX6100, Compaq NX6105, Compaq NX6110, Compaq NX6110/CT, Compaq NX6115, Compaq NX6120, Compaq NX6125, Compaq NX6130, Compaq NX6140, Compaq NX6300, Compaq NX6310, Compaq NX6310/CT, Compaq NX6315, Compaq NX6320, Compaq NX6320/CT, Compaq NX6325, Compaq NX6330

Replaces original battery:
983C2280F, 40845-142, 360482-001, 360482-007, 360483-001, 360483-003, 360483-004, 360484-001, 364602-001, 365749-010, 365750-001, 365750-003, 365750-004, 367456-001, 367457-001, 372771-001, 372772-001, 382553-001, 383220-001, 385843-001, 385895-001, 393549-001, 393652-001, 395790-001, 395790-003, 395790-132, 395790-163, 395790-722, 395790-723, 395790-762, 395791-001, 395791-002, 395791-003, 395791-132, 395791-142, 395791-251, 395791-261, 395791-661, 395791-741, 395791-761, 396751-001, 397809-001, 397809-003, 397809-142, 397809-242, 397809-251, 397809-631, 398650-001, 398680-001, 398854-001, 398874-001, 408545-001, 408545-021, 408545-141, 408545-161, 408545-241, 408545-261, 408545-262, 408545-541, 408545-621, 408545-641, 408545-721, 408545-741, 408545-761, 409357-001, 409357-002, 409357-010, 409357-011, 410315-141, 410315-142, 415306-001, 418867-001, 418871-001, 443884-001, 443885-001, 446398-001, 446399-001, DAK100520-01F200L, EQ441AV, HSTNN-C12C, HSTNN-C15C, HSTNN-C18C, HSTNN-C31C, HSTNN-C31C, HSTNN-CB05, HSTNN-CB28, HSTNN-CB48, HSTNN-CB48, HSTNN-CB49, HSTNN-CB49, HSTNN-CI2C, HSTNN-CI23C, HSTNN-DB05, HSTNN-DB16, HSTNN-DB18, HSTNN-DB28, HSTNN-FB05, HSTNN-FB18, HSTNN-FB28, HSTNN-I03C, HSTNN-I05C, HSTNN-I12C, HSTNN-I23C, HSTNN-I27C, HSTNN-I36C, HSTNN-IB05, HSTNN-IB08, HSTNN-IB16, HSTNN-IB18, HSTNN-IB28, HSTNN-IB33, HSTNN-LB05, HSTNN-LB08, HSTNN-MB05, HSTNN-UB05, HSTNN-UB18, HSTNN-UB28, HSTNN-XB11, HSTNN-XB18, HSTNN-XB28, LCB323, PB994, PB994A, PB994ET, PQ457AV


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