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KLIC-5001 Kodak, Sanyo, Sony Camera Battery
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KLIC-5001 Kodak, Sanyo, Sony Camera Battery

KLIC-5001 Kodak, Sanyo, Sony Camera Battery

This is a high quality replacement battery as sold in our stores. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 12 month replacement warranty.

This battery is designed to replace the following:

  • Kodak KLIC-5001
  • Sanyo DB-L50, Sanyo DB-L50AU

This battery is suitable for use in the following:


  • EasyShare DX6490 EasyShare DX7440 EasyShare DX7440 Zoom
  • EasyShare DX7590 EasyShare DX7590 Zoom EasyShare DX7630
  • EasyShare P712 EasyShare P850 EasyShare P880
  • EasyShare Z730 EasyShare Z730 Zoom EasyShare Z7590
  • EasyShare Z7590 Zoom EasyShare Z760 EasyShare Z760 Zoom


  • Xacti DMX-FH11 Xacti DMX-HD1010 Xacti DMX-HD2000
  • Xacti DMX-WH1 Xacti VPC-HD1000 Xacti VPC-HD1010
  • Xacti VPC-HD2000 Xacti VPC-WH1 


  • Xacti VPC-TH1

Details: Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.7V, 1600 mAh

Online Price: $29.95
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