Projecta DC20 Automatic 12V Battery Charger
Projecta DC20 Automatic 12V Battery Charger
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DC20 3-Stage Automatic 12V to 12V 20A Battery Charger

Projecta DC20 3-Stage Automatic 12V to 12V 20A Battery Charger.


Maximise Battery Performance

Your battery will run longer when charged with a 3 stage charger, ensuring you get the most from your battery.

Maximise Battery Life

Batteries used regularly will last longer when charged using a 3 stage charger saving you money on expensive deep cycle batteries.

Saves You Money

Reduces the need for heavy and expensive copper cables.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Allows the use of deep cycle batteries for auxiliary power.


Min. start voltage: 10V
Operating voltage: 9 - 17V
Max. current: 28.5A
Standby current: 150mA

Charge: 4 Stage
Voltage: 12V Nominal
Max. current:

  • Input 9-11V: 15A
  • Input 11-17V: 20A

Min. start voltage: 5V
Back drain on output battery: 10mA

Charge Control:
Bulk: Max Output Current up to 14.1V
Absorption: 14.4V DC Constant Voltage
Float 13.7V DC

Battery range:
Suitable for most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, Gel and AGM
Automotive: 500-2000CCA
Marine: 700-2500MCA
Deep cycle: 85-300Ah

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**Delivery charge to other destinations excluding NT, WA remote and QLD remote.