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Apex 740Ah 2V OPzV C100 Tubular Plate Gel Battery
Apex 740Ah 2V OPzV C100 Tubular Plate Gel Battery

Newly imported to Australia and now available on demand from Every Battery, Apex OZpV batteries are a fantastic quality and value for money maintenence free Gel battery suitable for medium to large off-grid systems.

APEX cells are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. The tubular plate technology in a gel immobilised electrolyte with valve regulated ventilation, eliminates the need for topping up over the life of the battery. Batteries built with these cells are used to store electrical energy in medium to large renewable energy installations. Their robust design, unique Calcium lead alloy materials and patented features make them the perfect match for long life cycling duty under the most onerous of circumstances. These include partial state of charge (PSOC) operation in renewable energy systems with widely varying climatic conditions.

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IEC 60896-21 and IEC 60896-22 (VRLA Batteries)
IEC 614427 (Photovoltaic Systems)
DIN 43539T5 (Deep Discharge Recovery, part 5)
DIN 40742 and DIN 40744 (OPzV Blocks)
EN 50272-2 (Safety requirements for stationary batteries)
ISO 9001, ISO14001 BS OHSAS 18001 (Manufacturing certifications)

We can also provide all cabling and fusing required.

Pickup in Melbourne or Launceston is avalable for free from any of our stores. Please email or call Gareth for freight inquiries. We have depots holding these batteries all over Australia so freight is always pretty reasonable!


0410 212 844

Potitive Plates 7
Number of poles 2
Width 166mm
Length 206mm
Height 498mm
Weight 37kg
Isc 3980
Rint 0.51mOhm


Online Price: $599.00
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