9v Fujitsu Heavy Duty Battery
9v Fujitsu Heavy Duty Battery
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Heavy Duty Alkaline battery, ideal for all devices to replace 9V alkaline or carbon batteries.

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  • Chemistry: Alkaline
  • Voltage: 9V
  • Width: 17.5mm
  • Height: 49mm
  • Heavy-Duty - long life

IMPORTANT: Alkaline batteries have a much greater capacity and life compared to carbon-zinc batteries. Carbin-Zinc batterues are typically sold in $2 stores, etc. and will rapidly flatten in most modern devices. Be wary of sellers advertising "heavy-duty carbon-zinc" , these are no different to normal carbon zinc and will not last.

If you need an ultra long life 9v battery (for smoke alarms and other applications where battery replacement is inconvenient) please see our Lithium 9V battery