12SB12P-F2 Drypower 12V 12Ah SLA Battery (NP12-12)
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12SB12P-F2 Drypower 12V 12Ah SLA Battery

Termination                      F2. 
Width                              98mm
Height                             93mm
Length/Breadth/Depth     151mm
Weight                             3850g


BP12-12, EP12-12, PS12120L, GP12120, HR1251W, GPL12120, EVX12120, DM12-12, DMU12-12, CF-12V12, HGL12-12, FG21202, 12FGH50, 12FGHL48, DC12-12, HGL12-12, HGHL1255W, CB12V12AH, CBC12V14AH, CBL12V12AH, CBX12V12AH, NP12-12, HF12-12, HV12-12, LP12-10, LP12-12, LP12-14, LPX12-12, LPL12-12, WP12-12B, OCB-12-12, LC-VA1212P1, PB12/12, PHR-12100, PS-12100, PS-12120, PSH12100, PE12V12, RM12-12, HR12-45W, RT12100, RT12120, CP12120, NP12-12


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